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Theodora Ilowitz is a well-known artist in the northeast, where she lived for much of her life. “The name Theodora Ilowitz is now intricately linked to the fine painting and prints she produces,” said the North Jersey Suburbanite in one of its features on the artists.

She has been widely collected by many individual and corporate collectors, including AT&T, General Foods, Warner Communications as well as others.

And while she is less well known in California, having spent more of her life on the East Coast than on the West Coast, her sculptures and paintings have attracted attention.

The Ventura County Star ran a lengthy feature on the artist, calling her sculptures “stunning”, while the Acorn labeled a 22 piece collection as “elegant and exotic”. More recently, Theodora was featured in “Beyond the Acorn” in the article called “Theodora Ilowitz, Young at Heart

She has won numerous awards in her long career.

Painting & Sculpting
She credits her late husband, Joe – a talented sculptor in his own right – for her career in painting and sculpting.

“Why don’t we go to art school?” he said one day, many, many years ago – this was lifelong for Joe and Theodora continues to keep learning and creating.
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        ABOVE: From the Spring 2015 issue of "Beyond the Acorn" article by Stephanie Bertholdo, "Theodora Ilowitz, Young at Heart". Click on image above to open the article in a new window.  
          ACT I
Teddy MacK
& Her All-Girl Orchestra

Before venturing into art, Ms. Ilowitz was a well known jazz pianist, working in that
field for 25 years in which she toured the world and started her own jazz band.

Keyboard to Canvas
Beginning her career as a jazz pianist, Theodora went from keyboard to canvas with equal success.
  ACT II (continued)
Keyboard to Canvas

She began her studies at the Art Student’s League, then worked with the world renowned master printmaker Roberto de Lamonica at the Art Center of Northern New Jersey.

Her professional career as an artist started when she was invited to exhibit her work at Lincoln Center.
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